Core Competency

Our core competency is the ability to provide qualified project management personnel who bring the capabilities to successfully manage and support projects in the following areas:

  • Acquisitions Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Information Technology


Every project is a partnership. We work with your team to create a unified objective by providing proven processes, tools, and a dedicated staff. Our processes produce structure and organization. This results in a number of benefits for our clients, such as standardized procedures, documented inventories, and manageable operations. This can all be achieved on any size project to meet specific client requirements.


Our processes, our methods, and our team are all driven towards one end: successful completion of your project goals. We keep your project on track and moving in the right direction by staying involved, managing your project closely, and staying focused on your objectives.


We focus on achieving the results you expect. At MAIC, we create and implement the project plan that achieves cost-effective, value-added, and innovative results.