Message from the Owners

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Long ago, we received invaluable instruction from our parents and that was to be respectful, trustworthy, and hard working. These are the qualities that we built our company upon and today, we are proud to say that we have assembled a team of professionals who our clients enjoy working with because they demonstrate those important qualities. To work with the MAIC team is to truly “Experience Professionalism.”

Our company’s focus is to be customer and team oriented while we deliver our cost effective and value-added project management services. We fully understand that customers have a choice in choosing a company to deliver their services – so we endeavor to be the contractor of choice in our key business areas. Likewise, we know that employees, who we call team members, also have a choice in which company they commit their skills and talents – so we strive to be an employer of choice for them.

Experience professionalism and let MAIC provide the services you require or become your employer. Thank you again for visiting our website and we appreciate your interest.

Rita Henderson, President
Mozelle Awkward, Vice President

Executive Bios

Rita Henderson

Mozelle Awkward