Mozelle Awkward

Ms. Mozelle Awkward is the Vice-President of MAIC, Inc., which specializes in project management support in the areas of Acquisitions Services; Emergency Management; Administrative Services; and Information Technology Support for federal Government and private sector clients.

Ms. Awkward possesses over 20 years of Project Management experience, which includes demonstrated experience in effectively managing and supporting large-scale disaster response programs, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) Housing Inspection Services (HIS) contract and the State of California’s Earthquake Disaster Response contract. While on the State of California’s contract, Ms. Awkward fully participated in the contract start-up activities, which were completed in only 30 days from contract commencement. She also effectively supervised staff in responding to an unusually high level of earthquake activity that resulted in over 14,000 claims in the first year of the contract. During her tenure on the HIS contract, she not only effectively utilized her previous expertise in successfully supporting the contract start-up activities but she developed and implemented an extensive subcontracting plan which evaluated the performance of 14 subcontractors. Additionally, Ms. Awkward enhanced and managed the nationwide Quality Control and training programs for the inspectors. She also managed the field deployments on 32 nationwide disaster events. As a result of her efforts, her previous employer received high performance scores from FEMA and was praised for her innovative training program.

Ms. Awkward obtained her Associate of Arts in Computer Management from Prince George’s Community College and then obtained a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.