Rita Henderson

Ms. Rita Henderson is the President of MAIC, Inc., which specializes in project management support in the areas of Acquisitions Services; Emergency Management; Administrative Services and Information Technology Support for federal Government and private sector clients.

Ms. Henderson has over 30 years of Project Management experience in supporting or managing federal contracts, which includes managing and supporting large-scale federal emergency management (EM) contracts such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Housing Inspection Services (HIS) contract. As the NFIP Claims Director, she directed a team of 50 claims professionals who responded to nationwide federal disaster declarations. She also served as the claims liaison and program mentor for over 90 insurance companies. Additionally, her duties included creating and guiding the activities of a national education program for the NFIP, which required planning and conducting over 300 training seminars. She also planned, coordinated and served as a key panelist for nationwide conferences that promoted FEMA’s emergency preparedness, mitigation and response objectives. In her role as the Project Director for FEMA’s $79 million-dollar HIS contract, Ms. Henderson successfully managed 84 Task Orders, which required conducting over 750,000 inspections of damaged properties in response to requests for federal assistance. Ms. Henderson’s “can do” attitude not only led to her successful management of the HIS contract but enabled her to receive high past performance scores from FEMA and be awarded a Leadership Excellence Award by her previous employer.

Ms. Henderson studied English at Catholic University and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from American University.